Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

At Faltz we are committed to the beauty of your outdoor living space. We are currently offering comprehensive landscape maintenance tailored to fit the needs of your lawn.  Below are a list of basic services  we provide.


Spring Garden Clean-up
• Tree & shrub pruning for proper shape and growth
• Remove all leaves, trash, and debris in landscape areas
• Edge turf adjacent hardscapes
• Spread lime and fertilize in turf areas as required for site conditions
• Fertilize plant material to promote healthy root growth as needed
• Dethatch as needed to remove dead grass
• Weed all landscaped areas
• Apply a contact weed control product in planting beds as needed
• Hose off decks, patios and pathways
• Cultivate and prepare flowerbeds as needed
• Inspect grounds for disease or insect damage, issue report for proper action
• Repair lawn and landscape areas damaged by winter activities as needed
General Maintenance
• Weekly mowing, grass clippings bagged and removed
• Trimming of all objects in turf areas
• Edging turf adjacent hardscapes
• Quarterly turf fertilizer program
• Tree & shrub fertilization program ensures healthy root system and promotes growth
• Tree & shrub pruning to maintain shape
• Weed control in all planting areas
• Sweep and/or blow all hardscape areas of grass and debris
• Inspect turf and plants for possible issues and report for proper action
• General clean up of debris in maintained areas
• Removal of leaves in the fall


Commercial and Residential Maintenance Projects

No two landscapes are alike. At Faltz we understand that every yard is unique and each requires different levels of care. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that their lawn and landscape plan fits their individual needs and budget.



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