How to Design Your Garden For Privacy

Are you living in a residential area with little to no outdoor privacy? Whether you want to ensure maximum privacy in your yard or designate an intimate space, optimizing your landscaping for privacy is a sensible option. 

Several creative privacy landscaping ideas will help you get started. But first, it helps to evaluate your space to determine what type of screening or design will fit your home. Then, once you’re settled with the size of your outdoor area and how much you will use, check out these tips below for more ideas.


How to use low maintenance plants in your landscape design

Elevating the look of your garden is possible with a plan and a suitable design. Whether it be flowers, shrubs, or trees, you can give your yard the upgrade it deserves without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Fortunately, you can achieve your landscaping dreams using all your low-maintenance plants and add the curb appeal you want minus the arduous labor. While it’s exciting to change up your yard, it may seem overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start. 


Hardscaping vs. Landscaping

Your landscaper may use unfamiliar terms, such as hardscaping and landscaping, when you discuss plans for your outdoor living space. These terms can get tossed around and interchanged in your discussion. Understanding the meaning behind the jargon will help you create a better vision of your home’s landscape.


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If you’re a homeowner, and you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your home, there is a variety of retaining wall applications and hot garden trends that you can incorporate into your landscape design for maximum protection and pleasing aesthetics.


Best Landscape Design Ideas for 2019

Building a spot to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air will increase your joy in your home.


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