Best Landscape Design Ideas for 2019

Building a spot to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air will increase your joy in your home.

Working with a quality landscaping company can help you plan just the right features for your space.


Even the smallest garden can benefit from a structure, such as a pergola or screen wall. Faltz Landscaping can help you find just the spot for a physical feature to provide privacy and a physical anchor around which to build your 2019 landscape ideas.

Make Space for You

When reviewing garden trends, it can be tempting to create a spot for entertaining. However, your summer evenings will often be spent in the company of members of your household or just a few friends.

Why not create a space for just a few people?

This may include a small, simple seating area around a fire or water feature. Local landscape companies can help you determine how to get power, gas and water to this structure. Once you’ve decided where this feature will fit, consider adding a spot to cook or serve food.


Depending on where you live, you’ll likely have environmental factors that will limit your enjoyment of the outdoors. Maybe you’re dealing with mosquitoes, have chilly evenings, or need to successfully beat the heat to stay outside. Faltz Landscaping is here to help you overcome these challenges.

Perhaps you can add in plants that help cut down on pesky mosquitoes, or include a misting tool to cool off your patio space. Of course, your landscape ideas will include butterfly and bee-friendly plantings away from your seating area to draw in both friendly and necessary insects.

Your local landscape companies can provide guidance in choosing the right plants for your area.


Of all the garden trends you can put to work for your space, the addition of weather resistant speakers is one of the best. The chance to sit outdoors and enjoy some music on a summer evening is a source of tremendous relaxation for many of us.


Depending on building restrictions, you may be limited as to the number and size of physical structures you can add. However, plants offer excellent screening opportunities, and the latest garden trends of 2019 include using plants as a screening tool.

Final Thoughts

Putting together a coordinated outdoor space can be confusing, but there are knowledgeable landscape companies ready to help you build the perfect spot. Save yourself time and energy by contacting Faltz Landscaping for a review of your current space and your options. Enjoy your summer!