Planting Evergreen Trees In Anchorage Alaska

Evergreen trees are a great addition to landscaping. They offer color and cover year-round. Planting trees or shrubs of the evergreen variety is a little different than planting most varieties of trees.

Anything bigger than a seedling is generally only available as a container-grown plant or balled and wrapped in burlap versus more normal bare root stock.

Planting Evergreen Trees

This article will help you with selecting the best trees, how to plant trees, and how to deal with soil that is clay. Call Faltz Landscaping to learn more about evergreen trees in Anchorage, Alaska.

When selecting the best trees, it is important to first decide on the purpose for your evergreen trees. Different types of evergreens reach different mature sizes and can crowd other plants or areas such as sidewalks if they are not carefully planned.


Decide what site you want to plant you plan on planting trees in, and then determine how large a tree will fit in that area.

When going to a nursery to look at possible evergreen trees, look over the tree you like and make sure that there is no browning, yellowing, or graying of the foliage. Off-color foliage can indicate that the tree is in distress or is diseased.

Look at the trunk of the tree and see if it has been damaged or if you see sap oozing. Look over the tree and ensure it has a good branch structure and that there is one central leader. Also, avoid purchasing trees that have been sheared. They can take years to regain their appropriate shape if you do not keep up on shearing.


Now it is time to talk about how to plant trees of the evergreen variety. The time to plant evergreen trees is while the soil will be warm long enough for the tree to establish itself. Spring and summer is the ideal time to plant evergreen trees, but you can still plant in early fall.

Evergreen trees that are planted too late in the fall can suffer from dehydration, causing the foliage to brown. Dig a hole twice the size of the root system, and then fill it with water. Put the tree in and add dirt back in.

Another Aspect of Growing Trees Is The Soil

Clay soil is not a good environment for growing trees such as evergreens. To improve your clay soil, adding organic material and fertilizer can create an environment that will be good for evergreen trees.

Organic soil amendments such as leaf mold and well-rotted manure are both excellent additions to amend clay soil. Place the three to four inches of your chosen organic soil amendment on top of the clay soil, and then work it into the clay soil about four to six inches down.

Several treatments such as this, in addition to using fertilizer, can turn your clay soil area into an area perfect for your evergreen trees to be planted.