How to Design Your Garden For Privacy

Are you living in a residential area with little to no outdoor privacy? Whether you want to ensure maximum privacy in your yard or designate an intimate space, optimizing your landscaping for privacy is a sensible option. 

Several creative privacy landscaping ideas will help you get started. But first, it helps to evaluate your space to determine what type of screening or design will fit your home. Then, once you’re settled with the size of your outdoor area and how much you will use, check out these tips below for more ideas.

Add RetainGarden privacy walling Wall

One key element of privacy landscaping is a retaining wall that can provide structural backyard support. It also prevents erosion, keeps dirt or water safe, and creates a more usable outdoor living space. On top of its practical uses, it also elevates the style and design of your backyard.

You can also find coordinating colors to create a wall and additional decor features and use the stone, concrete or wood in the wall to transform a bare privacy wall into an aesthetic backyard feature. For an added canopy in your backyard, you may opt to explore living walls or barriers, such as trees, shrubs, and vines.


Try Ornamental Grass

Making use of ornamental grass is a perfect idea when it comes to landscaping for privacy. If you want to add lush color to your outdoor space, ornamental grass is a suitable natural option. When planted correctly, it can build a beautiful wall around your yard and transform it from a simple area to a pleasing and nature-friendly private space. 

In addition to its aesthetic view, ornamental grass also proliferates. You don’t have to wait years to see full-sized and full-maturity grass. In just a few seasons, you will witness the decorative grass adding an aesthetic value to your yard. On top of it all, it’s a budget-friendly privacy landscaping solution.


Use Creative Fences

If you want to create a livable outdoor space to complement your patio and put that distance between you and your neighbors, why not take advantage of those small yet ingenious fences? It will help you outline your space and add the privacy you need. Using other materials, you can also be more creative with a fence or experiment with its height. For example, you can create a wood fence, vertical wood planks, a chevron privacy wall, and many more. With this, you can keep your neighbors from eyeing your backyard upon your fence completion!


Mix Plants and Trees Together

Another way to add seclusion and create privacy in your space is to mix plants and trees to make a barrier. Utilize your open spaces and turn them into a live wall composed of a lush green mix of trees, hedges and flowers. When layering, combine evergreen plants and trees to maintain your privacy during all four seasons.

Choose plants and trees that add color and texture to one another and tall trees or high hedges to make the wall strong and visually pleasing. To add more colors, you can add bushes and shrubs, plant flowers in the landscape, or use raised boxes to fill in the gaps. Do your research if you’re looking for more information on landscaping or other cheap ways to block your neighbors’ view.


Use a Roof

A rooftop patio or pergola is an optimal choice if you are looking for a privacy wall that can also double as shade. You can attach a drape to it for more privacy if needed. Fancy some warm fairy lights? Hang some on your pergola or design it as drape curtains, so you have lights whenever you want to entertain visitors at night. 

However, be mindful when adding pergolas to your yard. The idea is not to overcrowd your yard with it as it can create too much shade which might affect your neighbors. A rooftop patio can offer a gorgeous view but be careful not to overdo it. 

Do you want to learn more about elaborate landscaping projects, privacy landscaping tips and backyard hot tub privacy ideas? Ask the experts! Consult with a landscape designer, architect, or contractor.

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