Landscape Design Ideas That Make Any Alaskan Home Beautiful

When it comes to hardscaping, there are numerous landscape ideas that are very appealing and can make all most any Alaskan home beautiful.

In fact, according to Wikipedia, hardscaping is in reference to hard landscape materials used for structures that are integrated into a landscape.

Before you consider any landscape design ideas in Anchorage, AK, you need to take a look at the entire area of your home or business. Primarily, you should take into consideration what is manageable for hardscaping.

Some of these design ideas can include walkways, paved areas, retaining walls, stairs, patios, sleeper walls, fire pits and any other improvement that utilizes hard materials like stone, wood, concrete and so on.

Lawn Design Ideas In Anchorage Alaska

1. Have a Focal Point

Some of the best design ideas include a focal point. The focal point is intended to capture your attention and make the eyes travel towards a destination that features a certain visual element. For instance, like a Japanese maple with a unique garden d├ęcor.

For optimum results, a focal point should contain a hardscape to add more than one element and texture like a stunning brick wall or stone fire pit.

2. Selecting Stable Lawn Design Elements

More often than not an inexperienced landscaper will produce a disaster waiting to happen that does not look very appealing. For instance, placing a boulder just anywhere is not recommended, the large rock requires stability and an area big enough to hold it.

Plopping a large boulder into the ground inappropriately looks unnatural. Moreover, landscape ideas need to be flowing with the elements that are added. For example, hardscape elements need to evolve graciously and blend into the rest of your landscape.

3. Hold On To The Greenery

Hardscapes are amazing elements that give your landscape its foundation for creativity. Keep in mind that you need to add the hardscape before you beautify your home with the softscape (flowers, shrubs and trees).

Once you decide on the basic structures to add, you can begin planning the garden. For regions in Alaska you want to keep in mind that the growing season is short. In result, you need plants that do well in colder climates.

It is also a good idea to reference the hardiness zones for areas in Alaska. Once you know the hardiness zone you live in, it will be easier to choose the right plants for your region. In addition, a professional landscaper in your area will know the hardiest plants for your landscape.

4. Select Proper Materials That Fit Your Style

Hardscapes are quite versatile and can be simple or complex. However, it is best that you select landscape design ideas that fit your individuality.

For example, your style may include a romantic waterfall with cascading plants, a simple flower garden against a rock wall or a stone walkway lined with fragrant lavender.

Once you decide on a style, selecting essential soft and hard elements are a breeze. If you need more landscape ideas, Country Living has some wonderful creative garden designs that integrate both softscapes and hardscapes beautifully.

5. Consider Draining Issues

When adding a hardscape it is important that you consider any drainage requirements. As well, there can also be environmental requirements that need to be taken into consideration. If you are unsure of what environmental or drainage entail, it is best to contact a landscape design specialist so that your landscape is done properly.

As well, ensuring that the landscape is done right the first time will save you time, money and unnecessary frustration.

Sometimes Simple Is The Best

Rendering to the Movoto Foundation, sometimes simple is the best. In truth, the most impressive landscape is generally not super extravagant at all. In contrast, a beautiful landscape does require a bit of work and some planning. Besides, with a minimalist look you can always add to it later if desired.